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Modeling offers an unprecedented opportunity for high-quality critical systems development that is feasible in an industrial context. CARiSMA enables you to perform:

  • compliance analyses,
  • risk analyses, and
  • security analyses

of software models.1)

Since CARiSMA is a reimplemented variant of the former UMLsec tool it natively supports UML models. Due to its EMF-based implementation CARiSMA can also support domain-specific modeling languages such as BPMN.

CARiSMA is fully integrated into Eclipse and can thus become part of the modeling tool of your choice including but not limited to Papyrus MDT, IBM Rational Software Architect, and many others.

A flexible plugin architecture makes CARiSMA extensible for new languages and allows users to implement their own compliance, risk, or security checks.

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1) The development of the CARiSMA tool has been supported by the EU project Security Engineering for Lifelong Evolvable Systems (Secure Change , ICT-FET-231101).