Installation of CARiSMA

Technically, CARiSMA is a set of Eclipse plugins. You can easily install it using the CARiSMA Update Site.

Please note that the internal working name of CARiSMA has been "UMLsec2".
It might be that this name occurs in some labels or documents. 
Feel free to report those occurrences as a bug!

Installation Requirements

The CARiSMA core requires Eclipse Modeling Tools

Step-by-Step Installation of CARiSMA

  1. Start Eclipse
  2. Click “Help” Menu → Select “Install New Software…”
  3. Choose to either install CARiSMA
    • via the Update Site
    • via local install: Click “Add” → Click “Archive” → Browse to the downloaded update site archive (*.zip or *.jar) on your local filesystem → Click “Ok”
  4. Select the CARiSMA features you want to install (Click here for a list of features!)
  5. Click “Next” (2 times), accept the license and click “Finish”
  6. If Eclipse asks you to restart, click “Restart now”