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Some statistics regarding publications of Jan Jürjens

In Jan. 2015, a search delivered more than 4000 citations of my publications at Google Scholar, with an h-index 33. According to the Google Scholar citations, my most highly-used research outputs include the UMLsec research monograph (more than 700 citations according to Google Scholar) and the conference papers at UML'02 (more than 500 citations; Ten Year Most Influential Paper Award of the conference ``Models 2012''), TACS'01 (more than 150 citations, among the 6 most cited TACS article, and the 2nd-most cited TACS'01 paper according to Google Scholar (on 7.10.2012)) and FASE'01 (more than 150 citations, among the 5 most cited FASE articles, and the most cited FASE'01 paper according to Google Scholar (on 7.10.2012)).

See also my DBLP publication list (which lists me as one of roughly 4000 most prolific DBLP authors - whatever that means...).

Relevant overviews from other sources

Model-Driven Security is considered an important emerging technology in the following Gartner report: Gartner Briefing G00151498, Model-Driven Security: Enabling a Real-Time, Adaptive Security Infrastructure, 21st September 2007

Wikipedia entry on Model-Driven Security.

Nice overview on Software Engineering for Secure Software: K. R. Jayaram and Aditya Mathur, Software Engineering for Secure Software - State of the Art: A Survey. August 2005.Technical Report CERIAS-TR-2005-67, SERC-TR-279

Interesting industrial application of secure software engineering: Axelle Apvrille, Makan Pourzandi: Secure Software Development by Example. IEEE Security & Privacy 3(4): 10-17 (2005)

Relevant article in the Build Security In body of knowledge: Samuel T. Redwine: Introduction to Modeling Tools for Software Security , 2007

Overview on Software Assurance by Sam Redwine.

State of the art regarding secure software development in practice today, with some recommendations how to improve on that: Bill Whyte and John Harrison: Secure Software Development - a White Paper , 2008

Suggestions for future research in secure software engineering: Martin Wirsing: Software Engineering for Secure Software-Intensive Systems, Consultation meeting on "Engineering Secure Software Systems" in the context of the preparation of the EU FP7 ICT work programme 2009-2010.

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