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Our Research


Model-based development of critical software is a major topic of our research. In particular we are focussing on technologies such as cloud computing and mobile computing, in which "best practices" for secure development do not exist yet. These are in particular:

  • Methods and Tools for Modelling and Verification of Security Properties (see Ten Year Most Influential Paper at UML 2002):
    • Modelling Languages (UMLsec) and Verification (CARiSMA) of Security Properties in UML
    • Extension of Domain-Specific Languages (e.g. BPMN) for Modelling Security Properties (CARiSMA)
    • Secure Software Engineering subject to Evolution (SecureChange, EU-FET)
    • Environment-Driven Knowledge Evolution (SecVolution, DFG-SPP 1593 "Design for Future")
  • Security for Business Processes (APEX, Fraunhofer-Attract)
  • Security in Cloud-Computing Environments (SecureClouds (BMBF) and ClouDAT (IKT.NRW))
  • Modelling and Analysis of Economical Aspects of Security Measures (SECONOMICS, EU)
  • Visual Privacy Management in User Centric Open Environments (Vision, EU)

The following presentations give an overview on some of our research:

The following videos are also available:

Overview on the Fraunhofer Attract project "Architectures for Auditable Business Process Engineering (APEX)": slides (in German)

The picture below gives a good summary of much (but not all) of our research:

Model-based Security Engineering

Some of the Methods and Tools developed by us


UMLsec is an extension of UML for modeling security properties. The corresponding tool support enables different analyses. The original definition of the UMLsec notation can be found in Jan Jürjens: "Secure Systems Development with UML", Springer-Verlag. The notation is continually being improved and extended. More information on UMLsec can be found here.

Cover UMLsec Book Cover UMLsec Book (Chinese)

Tool Support

There is extensive tool-support available for the automated analysis of security properties specified with UMLsec or domain-specific languages (e.g. BPMN). See here for more information.

Our Projects

Our research has been supported over the last few years with more than 5 Mio. EUR by funding bodies including the following:

An overview of current and past projects can be found here.